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<br />AMMON CITY COUNCIL MEETING <br />THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 6, 2020 7:00 P.M. <br />2135 SOUTH AMMON ROAD <br /> <br />AGENDA <br />A.CALL TO ORDER: Mayor Sean Coletti at 7:00 p.m. <br /> Pledge of Allegiance Councilmember Thompson <br /> Prayer Councilmember Wessel <br /> <br />B.CONSENT AGENDA: <br />1.Accounts Payable Report: Exhibit A <br />2.Minutes: <br />i.January 16, Regular Meeting <br />3.Museum Of Idaho Contract for Service <br /> <br />C.PROCLAMATIONS AND ANNOUNCEMENTS <br /> <br />D.PUBLIC COMMENT REGARDING ITEMS NOT ON AGENDA (5-minute limit) <br /> <br />E.PUBLIC HEARINGS: <br /> <br />F.ACTION ITEMS: <br />1.Ordinance 633 FY19 Budget Appropriation Amendment (Jennifer Belfield, Finance Director) <br />2.Annexation Agreement Approval of Annexation Agreement for the Mitchell and Kimber subdivision <br />(Cindy Donovan, City Planner) <br />3.Final Plat Approval of Final Plat for the Mitchell and Kimber Subdivision (Cindy Donovan, City Planner) <br />4.Development Agreement Approval of Development Agreement for the Mitchell and Kimber <br />Subdivision (Cindy Donovan, City Planner) <br />5.TxtWire Contract for Services (Micah Austin, City Administrator) <br /> <br />G.DISCUSSION ITEMS: <br />1.Staff Reports <br />2.City Council Reports <br />3. <br />i.EIRWWA Fund Transfer <br /> <br />H.EXECUTIVE SESSION: <br />1.Real Property Acquisition Idaho Code 74-206 (1) (c) <br />2.Pending Litigation Idaho Code 74-206 (1) (f) <br />3.Personnel Evaluations Idaho Code 74-206 (1) (b) <br /> <br />I.ACTION ITEMS: <br />1.Decision on Diamond House Litigation <br />st <br />2.Approval of Land Use Purchase, 1 Street Right of Way <br /> <br />J.ADJOURN <br />Page 1 of 60 <br /> <br />