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<br />CHAPTER 9 <br /> <br />ITINERANT MERCHANTS, <br />MOBILE FOOD VENDORS <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />SECTION: <br /> <br />4-9-1: Purposes <br />4-9-2: Definitions <br />4-9-3: Itinerant Merchants License Required <br />4-9-4: Itinerant Merchant License Fee <br />4-9-5: Itinerant Merchant License Applications <br />4-9-6: Itinerant Merchants Investigation of Applicant and Issuance of License <br />4-9-7: Itinerant Merchant Display of License <br />4-9-8: Repealed <br />4-9-9: Itinerant Merchant Grounds for Revocation of License <br />4-9-10: Reserved <br />4-9-11: Mobile Food Vendor License Required <br />4-9-12: Mobile Food Vendor License Fee <br />4-9-13: Mobile Food Vendor License Applications <br />4-9-14: Mobile Food Vendor Investigation of Applicant and Issuance of License <br />4-9-15: Mobile Food Vendor Display of License <br />4-9-16: Mobile Food Vendor Location Restrictions <br />4-9-17: Mobile Food Vending in Public Places <br />4-9-18: Mobile Food Vendor Location Time Limits <br />4-9-19: Mobile Food Vendor Litter Control <br />4-9-20: Reserved <br />4-9-21: Term of License <br />4-9-22: License Non-Transferable <br />4-9-23: Sales Vehicle Registration <br />4-9-24: Sales Vehicle Equipment <br />4-9-25: Traffic and Parking Regulations <br />4-9-26: Unlawful Conduct <br />4-9-27 Revocation of License <br />4-9-28: Required Electrical Inspection <br />4-9-29: Penalty <br /> <br /> <br />4-9-1: PURPOSES: This Chapter has three purposes: <br /> <br />A. To protect the citizens from fraud, crime and unfair, deceptive or dishonest <br />business practices by persons temporarily engaged in the business of selling <br />goods, wares, merchandise and services within the City; <br /> <br />B. To protect the residents of the City from unwanted intrusions on the privacy of <br />their homes; and <br /> <br />Title 4, Chapter 9 Page 1 of 8 Adopted 7-12-2018 <br /> <br />