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<br />I <br /> <br />an <br />u: <br />CO': <br />--. <br />- <br /> <br />x <br />Q:j <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />:). ] r-: <br />,,' . . Ql.: <br /> <br />CITY OF AMMON <br />REGULAR MEETING OF THE MAYOR AND CITY COUNCILOF THE CITY <br />OF AMMON, BONNEVILLE COUNTY, IDAHO <br />August 18, 1969 <br /> <br />The Mayor and City. Council of the City of Ammon, Bonneville County, <br />Idaho, met in regular session at the City Hall, Ammon, Idaho, on the 18th <br />day of August, 1969 at 8:00 O'clock P. M. Mayor Richardson presided at <br />the meeting. The meeting was commenced with opening prayer by Council- <br />man Turnbow. Those present upon roll call were as follows: <br /> <br />Mel Richardson, Mayor <br />Keith Turnbow, Councilman <br />Roy Southwick, Councilman <br />George Wehmann, Councilman <br /> <br />Absent: <br />Leo Heer, Councilman <br /> <br />} ~ " <br /> <br />Minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved with the correct- <br />ion of the bids received for the restroom at Lion's park. <br />.also present at the meeting were auxilliarlf Police Ken Nilsson, City main- <br />tenance supersmsor Lavern Williams, Assistant Lloyd Cousin and Clerk <br />Jesse Bunnell. <br /> <br />A motion was made by Councilman Wehmann to rescind passage of <br />Ordinance 89 because of failure to publish the ordinance 30 days prior to <br />passage by the council. Councilman Turnbow seconded the motion. A vote <br />was taken by the Clerk and all present voted in favor. <br /> <br />}\.1ayor Richardson stated the Circle K Corporation had applied for a <br />beer license for package beer not to be consumed on the premises. The <br />beer license was approved by the Council. A representative of the Circle <br />K Corporation had also left a set of plans for a grocery store to be con- <br />structed west of the Red Steer Drive in, which was checked over by the <br />council. <br /> <br />Mayor Richardson stated there was one bid so far on the tennis courts <br />for McCowin park from Harts of Lehi, Utah <br /> <br />Harold Loveland and Tom Infanger arrived at 8:45 to discuss a proposed <br />park in the Peterson park area. After dis~ussion the Council decided to <br />table the proposal until a later date. ! <br /> <br />Mayor Richardson stated that Jesse Bunnell had asked permission to <br />drive a school bus again this year. After discussai:m a vote was taken by <br />the Clerk. Councilman Heer had arrived at the meeting by this time. Three <br />of the "'-Councilmen voted in favor and Councilman Wehmann voted against <br />the proposal. <br /> <br />City Engineer Dave ])enton arrived at 9: 30 together with A. W. Brunt! <br />also Ethel Weekes, chairman of Ammon Days arrived about this aame time <br />and was asked by Mayor Richardson to report on the progress of plans for <br />the Ammon Days celebration to be held August 22~ and 23. She reported <br />that there were several things yet to be done before all would be in order <br />fb-r the event but that everyone concerned was working hard to make it a <br />success. She gave the schedule of the events such as the talent show Friday <br />evening, the pancake breakfast Saturday morning and many other events <br />throughout the remainder of the day Saturday and there was a full schedule. <br /> <br />Mr Brunt was there to discuss with the Council the }px:o~CDsed mobile <br />home village south of the Eastgate shopping center. Members of the Council <br />raised questions such as who was to furnish police protection, fire protection, <br />garbage collection, water service. After a lengthy discussion Mayor <br /> <br />Richardsolllbstated that because of the legal and engineering problems in- <br />volved he set another meeting with Mr. Brunt for August 28 at 9.00 P M <br />and asked Councilman Wehmann to check on the engineering problems' an~ <br />he would check out the legal problems with the City Attorney' <br />