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<br />'1. 9. n.', <br />~ ,) Il>.' <br /> <br />Ammon City COl.!ncil monthly.meeting held Nov. 14,1966 in the city council <br />ro~m. Meeting called to order by May.or Mel Richardson at 8:15 P.Ml <br />Prayer by C. Roy Southwick. First order of business,Dan Harris was granted <br /> <br />a building permit to remodel his home on East 24th st. <br /> <br />Mayor Mel Richardson made a report on the Idaho Municipal Leage directoES <br />meeting held ay the Holiday Inn in Boise Idaho; <br />C. Kieth Brown was asked to check on an ordinance for eliminatin~ wrecked <br />cars being parked in the Gi ty of Ammon. <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />Insurance for Officer Dalton Strain was discussed part of his trouble was <br />causeC' from a pipe falling on his foot 1,rhile working on the dog pound. State <br />compensati on will pay a good. share. <br /> <br />Ed Simmermon of the Idaho Municipal Leagp assured the Mayoe the LeagaeIns. <br />would pay the balance. <br /> <br />t~ <br />c.o <br />~ <br />- <br />- <br /> <br />Mayor Richardson stated a fire district is being set up in Bonneville co, <br />which will include our area. The City of Ammon will not be rE'!ouired to join <br />where they have thier own fire fighting equipment. One disadvantage of joining <br />is the rating of 10 is the lowest in a fire district- and the City is working <br />now for a rating of 8 which will be a big reduction in fire Ins. Priemiums. <br />There will be noyhing gained in joining and the c~st would be about' 8000.00 <br />per year to be a member. <br /> <br />co <br />CO <br /> <br />The City Council approved paying $100.00 on part of President Johnson's <br /> Idaho Falls. This is to be paid to Alex Creek. <br /> <br />C. Keith Brown stated a news letter will be ready tobe mailed soon,he also <br />reported the swimming pool committee has been organized and Keith Tumiull <br />has consented to head the committee. Aoolication has been sent in for govern- <br />ment aid which will be forth coming in the near future. <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />C. Roy Southwick reported some roads in Ammon need to be graded before cold <br />weather sets in. It is too cold to chip and seal but the cracks should be <br />filled with hot tar.He also stated the county is receiving Federal aid to <br />repair secondary roads such as 17th st.and Ammon road.C. Roy Southwick and <br />the Mayor will meet with the Bonneville County Commissionsers to talk road <br />repairing. <br /> <br />C. Geo Wehmann askerl for an extentibn,Phone to be installed near the fire <br />Phone on the office wall in the shop. Was approved.He also said they need <br />more daytime men for the volunteer fire crew. <br /> <br />E#ineer Dave Benton recommended the City postpone chip and seal until next <br />year when the weather and ground will be warmer, but to tar the cracks. He <br />also recommended cleaning and painting tanks and pipes in the pump houses. <br />Brick masons acid can be used to 11 good advantage. <br /> <br />Mayor Richardson discussed creating a local improvement Dist. 13,on <br />Brookfield Lane for blacktopping the road and building two bridgeS,at an <br />extended cost of $1000.00. Road $ 5000.00, one bridge $ 3200.00, one bridge <br />$ 1800.00. C. Geo Wehmann made a motion the City approve of creating a local <br />Imp. Dist. I 3 for BrookfieldLan~,seconded by C. Leo Heer.Motion carried. <br /> <br />Att. Joe Anderson will advertise a protest meeting, contracts will be let <br />out for bids- all bids can be rejected if necessary. <br /> <br />C. Leo Heer suggested sump pump be cleaned out as soon as possible- all <br />pump houses have locks installed. street signs be checked and replaced. <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />Proposed Officer Strains wage be continued as in the past, less the Police <br />wage for night Patroling <br /> <br />Tom Chiswell Fire Chief reported on Fire Protect1np; ,stated Fire Fighting <br />Equipmmt in good shape,volunteer crew have been well trained,16 members. <br />S'rmn to be delivered and installed in the near future,soon will be ready <br />to apply for a new rating. <br />Mayor Richardson suggested the City serve refreshments to the volunteer <br />fire crew at their next meeting to be held Nov. 21,1966.Council approved. <br /> <br />Minutea of meeting held Oct. 10 were read and approved. <br /> <br />Claims were approved and signed. <br /> <br />Meeting adjourned at 11 oclock P.M. <br /> <br />Approved Dec. 12,1966 <br />...............c <br /> <br />.'~ ----- <br /> <br />......... <br />