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<br />13 ~r <br /> <br />Meeting of the Ammon City Council held Sept. 12,1966 in the City Council <br />room. _ <br />Meeting called to order by C. Geo Wehmann at 7:45 p.m. <br />Prayer by C. Keith Brown. Those present were: C. Geo Wehmann, Keith Bt'own, <br />, Leo Heer, Roy Southwick, Att. Joe Anderson,Mayor Mel Richardson. <br />Organization of the volunteer Fire Department was discussed,an ordinance <br />was prepared by Att Joe Anderson and read by C. Geo Wehmann,he made a motion <br />the City adopt ardance #75 as read,wavering the second and third readings, <br />seconded by C. Keith Brown, Motion carried 100%. <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />Mator Mel Richardson asked Att Joe Anderson as to the proceeder in <br />establishing an Improvement Dist 13 for blacktD~ping the road and building <br />bridges on Brookfield Lane. First step is to get the appeoval of the City <br />Council. C. Geo Wehmann made a motion the City approve a L. I. D.13 for black- <br />topping of Brookfield Lane and building bridges- Seconded by Roy Southwick. <br />motion carried. Att Joe Anderson was asked to draw up an Ordinance * 76. <br /> <br />C. Geo Wehmann stated the fire department needs a fiBS chief,He is to be <br />approved by the City Council and appointed by the Mayor,C. Geo Wehmann <br />recommended Tom Chiswell as fire chief for the City of Ammon, he was approved <br />by the Mayoe. <br /> <br />tf:l <br />c.c <br />,~ <br />--. <br />- <br />""'"' <br />....... <br />CO <br /> <br />Tom Chriswell then met with the City C01;mcil and discussed several i tims of <br />business partaining to the fire department. <br />Geo Wehmann presented a list of itims needed to put the fire truck in service <br />after a lengththy diseussion he was given permission to purchase the first ten <br />on the list at a cost of $1294.00. <br /> <br />Mrs Willard Burke met with the City Council asking permission to park a <br />trailer in their back yard for her mother to live in. She was told there were <br />restrictive covanants that would have to be considered,for her to check with <br />that committee also get approval of her neighbors. <br /> <br />Storage in the City Building was the next item of business ,i t was decided <br />no more storage will be allowed in the building. The present storage to be <br />moved as soon as possible. <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />Work assignments for the City employees will be assigned by the mayor. <br /> <br />Water schedule for sprinkling will be the same the year around. <br /> <br />The Council discussed McCowin Park improvement,suggested by C. Keith Brown <br />also government financing which ~as approved by the City Council. <br />C. Leo Heer made a motion the City acceptresolution # 3 for acquisition of <br />land and bureau outdo0r recreation funds for development of McCOWin }ark. <br />Resolution # 66-3 to be includedin the minutes .Seconded by C. Keith Brown. <br />moyion carried. <br />In the future all building permits will be approved by the City Council and <br />the planning board before permits are issued by the City clerk,applications <br />forms will be ~equired. <br /> <br />C. Roy Southwick ask for permission to order four fire hydrants for the City: <br />one for Brookfield Lane, one South Ross,one Hillview,one Hillview Cshool. <br />Permission granted. <br /> <br />The City Council approved of painting the City Building a light grey color <br />to be done as soon as possible. <br /> <br />Claims were approved and signed,with the exception opf the one from Harold <br />Loveland for fire hose borrowed. C. Geo Wehmann to check with former Mayo~ <br />!~eed Molen. <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />The tops club were given permission to use the Council Room for Wed. night <br />mee tings. <br /> <br />Meeting adjourned at 1:30 A.M. <br /> <br />Approved Oct 1966 <br /> <br />./ <br />-~~ <br />