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<br />-'\1 t) t) <br />.~- ,) ~) <br /> <br />Regular Monthly Meeting of the Ammon City Council held May 16,1966. <br />Meeting called to Drder by Mayor Mel Richardson, Prayer by C Keith Brown. <br />Those present were:Mayor Richardson,Councilmen Keith Brown,Geo Wehmann,Leo Heer,and <br />Roy Sout.hwick. <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />Roland T. Romrell representing School Uist.93 inquired of the City Council if <br />there would be storage space available in the City shop during 1966-1967 <br />school year they need for food storage,after a short. discussion C.Geo Wehmann made a n <br />mot.ion the City lease to the sbijool Dist #93 part of the warehouse for storage at <br />a charge of $1.00. The school to stand the expence of remodeling,insulating and buildi <br />ing an outside steee door with a lock in the snuth end of the building. <br />Seconded by C. Leo Heer,motion carried. <br /> <br />Lester Hope discussed insurance for the fire department,recommended Plan #1 which <br />is 8 most complete coverage premium,$141.00 per year. <br /> <br />Glen-Snuthwick School custodian discussed water pressure-well water-trailer <br />courts spacing. <br /> <br />1J:l <br />c..o <br />cv: <br />~ <br />'""- <br />;0 <br />c:o <br /> <br />James Croston asked about gettin~ City water service for his trailer house located on <br />his property ,the water will be turned with a promise he will clean up his yard <br />before July 1st. 1966. A motion by C~Geo Wehmann that the water be turned on at <br />his place on Western Ave with the understanding he will remove all the junk <br />autos, failuee t.o comply will result in additional legal actionby the City of <br />Ammon Seconded by C. Leo Heer. Motion carried. <br />Att Joe Anderson will mail an official notice to Mr Croston. <br /> <br />Martin Hill of the Intermountain Gas Company asked permission to run a gas line <br />in the hillview area on Bittern st. he was advised to take surveyand get t.he <br />opiDnan of the majority of the peopleas t.o the course he should follow either <br />in the street or the easement which he agreed to do. <br /> <br />A from ~~s. Irene Bailey was read by Mayor Richardson stating she objected to <br />horses and corals built next to her property, Dermont Ricks was asked to callher <br />and read the ardinance pertaining to live st~ck on page 13 of the City code. <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />Dick Black asked_permission to use the City Council room to hold summer classes, <br />City clerk objected,objection was upheld. <br /> <br />Fire Department .was discussed needs more equj pment ;md an organiz,ed fire crew <br />hose should be ordered as soon as possible. <br /> <br />C.Leo Heer stat.ed the police bid by the Imperial Moters was accepted. They were the 1 <br />low bidders they a]so have a five yearwarranty on their cars. The ca.r will be <br />delivered about June 1 -1.966. C. Leo Heer recommended Mr De.lton Strain be considered <br />as full time Police Officer. He is uniformed and experienced and will work at a <br />startimg salary of $325.00 per month. <br />Officer Dick Ager has consented to serve as part t;me extra officer one night <br />a week at $30.00 per month using his own car. <br />Officer Ager suggested the name of City Marsha]] be changed t.o Chief of Police which <br />was approved .C. Leo Heer made a motion theCity accept t.he application of Mr <br />Dalton Strain for Chief of Police with a starting salary of $325.00 per month to be <br />increased after 90 days of satisfaction to $350.00 for law inforcement service <br />in ,0 - <br />Compliance vJi th a >rutually agreed schedule. Seconded by C. Keith Brown- <br />motion carried. C. Roy Southwick is to make the necessary arrangements for t.he <br />patching of the streets. The City Council agreed to hire a manto catch up on <br />Some of t he extra jobs that need to be done. They agreed on Dick Black at $1. 75 <br />per hour. He will start about June6-1966. <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />C. Keith Brown suggested a public meeting be held to discuss a public <br />swimming pool for the City of Ammon. A special meeting planned for May26-8p.m. <br />C.Kei th Brown arranged with the school foe the meeting' place. <br /> <br />The City needs more street lights: One Sunnyside,l Dal and Sunnyside .1 Ammon <br />rd. and Drookf;eld Lane. Need lights for the north end of Lion's Park, City <br />clerk to call Mr Johnson at Rexburg. <br /> <br />Parking for Educ!Jti on week "ras phnned to be held June 2-3-4-. <br /> <br />clA~ms were approved a~d s'gned <br />he~ting adjourned and signed. <br /> <br />City Clerk Dermont E. Ricks <br /> <br />Approved June 13,1966 <br />