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<br />1 :{ ~ <br /> <br />Regular Mounthly Meeting of the Ammon City Council held April 11,1966 in the <br />City Building. <br />Meeting called to order by Mayor Mel Richardson at 8 oclock P.M. <br />Prayer by Councilman Keith Brown. <br /> <br />Minutes of March 14,1966 meeting were read and approved. <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />Insurance Policy of the Western Casuality Company was reviewed by Keith Brown. <br />Annual premium amounting to $860.00. Fire department is covered. The <br />City Council approved buying the new policy. <br /> <br />Don Miller President of the Lion's Cl~b discussed with the City Council im- <br />proving the Falcon Park installing water sprinkling system and seeding the <br />grass. <br /> <br />The bid by the Stardust Land scraping Co. of $865.00 for cleaning, leveling <br />fertilizing and planting the grass has been accepted. <br /> <br />C. lieorge Wehmann suggested a letter be sent to the owner of surrounding, <br />hones asking them to keep the park clean by keeping thier grass and garbage <br />in containers and not driving cars in the park area. <br /> <br />1..0 <br /> <br />.", <br />\...\oof <br />:v: <br />- <br />-.. <br />"Y"\ <br />..- <br />CO <br /> <br />Name of the park was discussed but no dicision was made. <br /> <br />C. Kieth Brown suggested the Council meetings be shortened even if it is necessary <br />we hold two each a mounth instead of one, especially during the summer mounths. <br />The decision was the regular meeting will be held on the second Monday.lf <br />there is enough business to justify a special me,eting will be held on the <br />fourth Monday of the month. <br /> <br />Mayor Richardson asked C. Leo Heer and C. ~eo. Wehmann to work with ~~Kieth <br />Browp in helping to organize and upgrade the fire department. <br /> <br />There are three Companies interested in supplying, equipment for the fire <br />truck. <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />Clerk Dermont E. Ricks was asked to write the Mayer at Moscow Idaho for <br />information in organizing a fire crew. C. Leo Heer is to investigate and <br />report on the Shelly Alarm System. <br /> <br />Mrs. Reed Barnes wants a gift shop in her home it was approve9, with the <br />understanding she doesn't hire any help or display any sign larger than 144 sq. <br />inches. <br /> <br />Dale Buttars wants to work on the dog pound in the evenings at $2.50 per hour <br />and apply on his water bill. His offer was acpted. <br /> <br />LaVern Williams was told to checkand replace traffic Signs and push the dog <br />lease law. <br /> <br />Chairman Rex Budge informed the City Council that the Planning Commission <br />rejected the layout of the Jeannie Jean plat. Lots are too large ,street layout <br />does not ~form with the city plans and they do not approve of small <br />individual wells for water system. This dicision was upheld by the City <br />Council. <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />James Croston and his junk yard on Western Ave. the subject of a lengthy disc- <br />usion he is in violation of thl? City Zoning ordance by operating a junk car yard <br />in an R3 zoning area. He has never purchased a City license to operate a business <br />with in the City of Ammon. He moved a traler house in with a license. He is de- <br />liquent 6 years on his improvement Dist.l1 asseassments. <br />A deliquency certificate has been issued against the property. He has been theat- <br />ened severAl times before he ..rould pay his water bill, therefor the City Council <br />has agreed to refuse him any city service such as water or garbage. His water <br />line will be capped as soon as possible until he comply wi th the City Zoning <br />Ordinance. <br /> <br />Dave Benton Ci~ Engineer asked for permissmon to draw up a master plan of the <br />City of Ammon and the surrounding area, this was approved with a limit of $150.00 <br /> <br />C.Leo Heer stated Mr.Woolf of Iona was insterested in working as a dog catcher <br />at the rate of $2.00 per dog,he will be offered a contract. <br /> <br />In the future Permits will be required for remodeling a building with in the <br />city limits. <br /> <br />c. Keith Brown made a motion the City adopt the purchace order system,seconded <br />by C. Leo Heer,motion carted. Claims were approved and signed.Adjorned at 11.30 P.rM. <br />