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<br />I <br /> <br />In <br />~ <br />C'f: <br />~ <br />......... <br />:0 <br />co <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />." 2 r;.~... <br />~ ~ c <br />......... <br /> <br />Regular Monthly Meeting of the Ammon City Council held February 14, 1966. <br />Meeting called to order by Mayor Melvin Richardson at 7:45 PM. <br />Prayer by Councilman Keith Brown. <br />Those present were Mayor Melvin Richardson, Councilmen Keith Brown, George <br />Wehmann, Roy Southwick, Leo Heer. Attorney Joe Anderson and Rex Budge of <br />the Planning Commission. <br /> <br />w. A. Bingham wants to buy a lot facing Meadow Lane which has a dedicated <br />~lley 33 feet wide. He wants tte approval of the City Council that the <br />33 feet be dedicated for width of road only and sidewalks, curb and gutter <br />be installed inside the owners property. Mr. Bingham was informed this would <br />be considered. <br /> <br />Grant Packer is interested i~eveloping the Ervin Neilsen property joining <br />the Mel Richardson property on the east. He ask what could be done about <br />City 1I'{ater,etc. He was told this would be referred to the Planning Commission. <br /> <br />Mr. Lew Ross ask for an annual contribution of $250.00 for Civil Defense which <br />was approved. He pledged support to the City of Ammon by way of man power <br />and equipment in any emergency. He also stated they were working on a fall <br />out shelter ~~the protection of the Citizens of Ammon. <br /> <br />Roy Jacobs, a member of the Ammon Stake High Council represented the Stake <br />Presidency asking for the cooperation of the City in supplying car parking for <br />Education Week to be held on June 1,2,3, 1966 at the Ammon Stake House located in <br />the Hillview area. He was told the City will cooperate ~OO% and the details <br />will be worked out in the near future. <br /> <br />Mr. John Howell, representing the Starline E1IUipment Company of Daise, Idaho <br />presented the advantages of the City purchasing a fire department for fire <br />protection. A fire truck fully equiped with 750 gallon tank and pumper <br />would cost about $18000.00 and could be sold on a rental basis with a <br />5 or 6 year contract at 5% interest. The City Council wants to <br />Mr. Gobal, the state engineer for fire rating to learn if a fire department <br />would improve the rating for the City of Ammon. If so what reduction co~ they <br />expect on the fire insurance premiums. <br /> <br />Mr. Earl Reynolds of the Corneil, Howland, Hayes and Merryfield Company of <br />Boise, Idaho met with the City Council to present a proposal for a Sewerage <br />System Study for consideration. The proposal was read and discussed. <br />Councilman George Wehmann made a motion the City accept the proposal as read <br />authorizing the Cornell, Imwland, Hayes and Merryfield Company Of Boise, Idaho <br />to proceed wi-':-}' the Sewerage SJ'f:tt:ll Study. Seconded by Councilman Le., Heer. <br />Motion carried. <br /> <br />Mayor Melvin Richardson proposed that Councilman George Wehmann, chairman of <br />the Sewerage Committee be authorized by the City of Ammon to transact the <br />necessary business in obtaining finances for the Sewerage System Study. <br />Proposal approved by the City Council. <br /> <br />Council man Roy Southwich moved and Councilman Geogge WBhmann resolved the <br />following resolution which was adopted by the affirmative vote of the <br />Councilman, George Wehmann, Leo Heer, Roy Southwick, and Keith Brown. <br /> <br />Resolution <br />(To be used unless contrary to local law) <br />iuthorizing filing of application with the United States of Rmerica <br />for an advance to provide for the planning of public works under the <br />terms of Public Law 560, 83rd Congress of the United States, as <br />amended. <br /> <br />\.JHEREAS, City of Ammon, Idaho ~herein called the "ApplicaI'J\") after thorough <br />consideration of the various aspects of the problem and study of availab!e <br />data has hereby determined that the construction of certain public works, <br />generally described as a sanitary sewerage system, including service <br />connection laterals, mains a pumping station and an outfall sewer, <br />is desirable and in the public interest and to that end it is necessary that <br />action preliminary to the construction of said works be taken immediately; <br />and <br /> <br />WHEREAS, under the terms of Public Law 560, 83rd Congress, as amended, the <br />United States of America has ~uthorized the making of advances to public bodies <br />