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<br />121 <br /> <br />~1ayor Reed Holen asked Councilman Keith Brown to check on the road improvements <br />in the I-lillviev.r School area and meet with th~ District #93 School Board and report <br />back next meeting. <br /> <br />Claims approved and signed. Meeting adjourned at 10:45 p.Ip.. <br /> <br />APPROVED h~ /3. /7~r <br /> <br />/~~~~ <br />CITY ClERK '. <br /> <br />Special Heeting of City Council held December 6, 1965 <br /> <br />Heeting called to order at 8: 00 p.m. by fiIayor Heed I'JIolen. Those present were: <br />Ma,yor Reed Molen; Councilmen--Harold Loveland; Keith Brown; George vfehmann; Don Niller; <br />City Attorney Joe Anderson. Rrayer by Councilman Don Miller. Also present vras <br />Mayor-elect Hel Richardson; Councilman-elect Roy Southwick and Leo Heel'. <br /> <br />1..Q <br />c.c <br />~": <br />....... <br />--. <br />:c <br />c:o <br /> <br />This special meeting was called to review the pnoposed budget for the year 1966. <br />Auditor Lloyd Tatum presented the budget to the council for their consideration. <br /> <br />Bill and Earl Brunt met with the City .Council to discuss a proposed trailer court <br />to be located south of the East Gate Shopping Center on the west side of Sand Creek <br />in a LB Zoning area. They also inquired about the City's interition:3 qs to the <br />property they rented for a park south of 17th Street. lvIr. Brmrt ~'ras informed that the <br />City intended to develop and improve the property come spring. The sprinklinr; system <br />is partially installed and will be completed and seeded to E';rass. <br /> <br />Councilman George ~'Jehmann reported on information as to an engineers study of a <br />nevI ~3e~vet' system for the City of Ammon. V'Tastabled until next cow1ci1 meeting to be <br />held Decem[wl' 13, 1965 <br /> <br />City Clerk was asked to contacv Mr. Earl Re;ynolds of the enginee.ring firm, <br />CODIlell":'Howland-Hayes & Merrifield, at Boise and make an apDointment for him to <br />be at the next City Council Meeting. <br /> <br />Heeting adjourned at 10:15 p.m. <br /> <br />APHOVED_.Ld-ee.... /3- ;? 5'~ J <br /> <br />;(V~~ <br />CITY CLEHK . <br /> <br />Regular Monthly Meeting of Ammon city Council held December 13, 1965. <br /> <br />Meeting called to order by Mayor Reed Molen at 6:30 PM. <br />Prayer by Councilman Keith Brown. Those present were Mayor Reed Molen, Councilman <br />Harold I,oveland, Keith Brown, George Wehmann, and Don Miller. Attorney Joe Anderson <br />and Engineer Don Ellsworth. Mayor elect Melvin Richardson was also present. <br />Councilman elect Roy So~hwick and Leo Heel'. Dave Benton met with the City Council <br />to apply for a job making a study of a proposed:!sewer system for the City of Ammon. <br />Suggest the planning start immediatley, the cost could be considered later. <br /> <br />Mayor Eleot Mel Richardson made a report on the study planning ",nd cost of smler <br />sJ3tems for the Cities of Shelley and Ririe, Idaho. <br /> <br />Rolland T. Romrell met <br />and rent due the City. <br />motion the City accept <br />at a price of $350.00. <br /> <br />with the City Council to make a final settlement on taxes <br />After some discussion Councilman Harold Loveland made a <br />Mr. Romrell's proposal for money due on rent, ,interest, etc. <br />Seconded by Councilman Keith Brown. Carried. <br /> <br />Rolland T.. Romrell ask the City buy the large sign located out in front of the <br />City Building. Also some chain link wire and posts. Buying the sign was rejected. <br />Councilman Keith Brown made a motion that the City buy the chain link wire and posts <br />at market price. Seconded by Councilman Don Miller. 'arried with the understanding <br />Mr. Romrell pay ~ cost of installation because of it being a partition fence. <br /> <br />Ordinance #71 was presented to the City Council by Attorney Joe Ande:t:'son and read <br />by Mayor Reed Molen. This ordinanoe pertains to the shifting of the north portions <br />of the Romrell Lane 10 Feet east of the orginial dedicated right of way. <br /> <br />'V";~'.,' <br /> <br />Councilman Harold Loveland made a motion the City pass the ordinanoe as read, <br />