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<br />1, ') fJ'v <br />zhI . <br /> <br />Regular City Council meeting held November 8, 1965 <br /> <br />Heeting called to order by Mayor Reed Moldn at 8:00 p.m. Those present were: <br />11ayor Reed Molen; Councilmen--Harold Loveland; Keith Brown; George 1rfehmatID; and <br />Don Hiller. Also the ne"l elected officers were present: Mayor-elect Melvin <br />Richardson; Councilmen-'elect--Roy Southwick and Leo Heel'. <br /> <br />Items of business discussed. <br /> <br />Councilman George Hehmann made a motion that the City pay 50%, of the wholesale <br />purchase price of new tires for Officers Agel' and Ellingfords Cars, which would amoultt"~. <br />to ~~85.00 for Officer Agel' and $90.00 for Officer Ellingford. 1-10tion seconded by I <br />Councilman Don Miller-motion carried. ' <br /> <br />Mayor Reed Molen advised the Council that the Idaho Municipal League is <br />sponsoring a new liability insurance policy for Police officers at a reduced premi1J1l1 <br />rate of ~n3. 50--suggested we notify the League we are interested. <br /> <br />Councilman George Wehmann made a motion that the city clerk notify the Idaho <br />Municipal League that we are interested in the new insurance plan and would appreciate <br />more information when it is available. Seconded by Councilman Keith Brown-motion carrie <br /> <br />Hayor 1-101en requested the City budget for the year 1965 be completed for the <br />eleven months and made available for a December 6, 1965 meeting "men the 1966 budget <br />will be discussed. <br /> <br />~tr. A. W. Brunt and his problffins were discussed. City Clerk was to inform <br />him by letter that the banks on Sand Creek were built for flood protection and not <br />to be molested. <br /> <br />Councilman George Wehmann asked LaVern 'Williams to check on a house being built <br />by Mr. Brunt in the Hilldale addition--as to location on the lot. <br /> <br />Discussed road and parking improvements in the Hillview Elementary School Area. <br />Councilman Harold Loveland made a motion that the City follow through Idth the original <br />agreement with the school and also pay their share of the extra expense involved. <br /> <br />Dermont E. Ricks, City Clerk, was asked to make a brief explanation of the <br />ne", Worknlans l1etirement System which he did. <br /> <br />Council man Harold Loveland made a mClltion that the city adopt the New Horlanans <br />l1etirement System. Seconded by Councilman Don 1-uller--motion carried. Employees <br />are to notify the City Councilor Clerk if they approve. <br /> <br />Dermont E. Ricks was ask to cumtact Mr. Jcrlmson of the Utah Power and Light Co. <br />about street light service and moving some light poles in the cit;'tT limits. <br /> <br />Oouncilman George \lfehmann ask that street signs be checked and installed. <br /> <br />IVfayor Reed Molen said Don Hoopes wants the City to accept street improvement for <br />Georgia Lane in PoneljAcres. This was rejected by the City Council until such time that <br />he completes the gravel road running south from the east end of Georgia Lane to <br />Geneva Dr. as pre argreement. The City Clerk is to notify Mr. Hoopes by letter. <br />Mr. Hoopes is to be notified also that all water valves are to be placed in side <br />walk right away-if no side v,alk they are to be installed in a 2 feet square slab of <br />cemffint with a screw on cap for protection. <br /> <br />Councilman Keith Brown made a motion that the city support a ball program for <br />younger boys and approve of $200.00 to help support the program. Seconded by Council- <br />man George Wel~ann-motion carried. <br /> <br />C01.fficilman Keith Brown made a motion that the one way street running north from <br />II teton on the ""Test side of McColr/in Park be named 1.101en Dr. in honor of I-layor Reed <br />, Holen.' Seconded by Councilman George lrfehrnann-motion carried. <br />\ <br /> <br />Councilman Don Miller made a motion that the city furnish city ,-later ,dthout charge <br />for the skating rinks during the vanter of 1965-1966. Seconded by Councilman Keith <br />Brown-motion carried. <br /> <br />Councilman George Wehma,nn discussed. the petition being circulated requesting the <br />city make a study of a sewer system l' or the City of Annnon. Attorney Joe Anderson <br />stated it cost the City of Sheilily approx. 4~11,000.00 for a sewer system study. <br /> <br />Attorney Joe Anderson also reported the Roland T. ~omrell account is settled and <br />brought up to date. <br />