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<br />.ll ~ <br /> <br />Hegular City Coundl meeting held October 11, 1965 <br /> <br />Heeting called to order at 8:00 p.m. by Nayor Heed Nolen. Those present Here Hayor <br />Heeel Holen; Councilmen--Harold Loveland; Keith Brm'fD; Don Hiller; George Hehmnnn exclIsed <br />out of tovm. Prayer by Council man Keith Brovftl. <br /> <br />1\1 vin Stosich member of the SchoolboBrd of Bonneville District No. 93 met <br />the City Council to discuss school bus problems in the Hillview school Bren CW to lOc1lhn <br />and unloading of students and the nerressary 9.I'rangements for off street porking, and <br />the sharing of the expense. The city council approved of. black topping 123 x 2'5 ft <br />area for off street parking on 24th Street at a cost of $607.00. Also of graveling <br />the parking area and road way west of the Hillviei'f school, North of Teton Street <br />246 ft x 46 ft aread at the cost of :~677. 50. Council man Harold Loveland made C1 llloLil)lJ <br />that the City pay ~ as their share of the expense and authorize the, s0hool to go <br />ahead and have the project completed as soon as possible. Seconded by Councilman <br />Keith Brovfl1; motion carried. <br /> <br />tQ <br />c.t:; <br />~ <br />~ <br />J-'-! <br />ro <br />(;Q <br /> <br />1'11'. Thorsted of the Intermountain Gas Company discussed "l'lith the City Council <br />the problems of diggin trenches refilling and repairing holes in t he streets and ete. <br />agreed to try to give the city better service in the future. <br /> <br />Attorney Joe Anderson will check with Roland T. Romrell on a en.d..cle cl,liru deed <br />and tranfere of title of property for the Honu'ell lane. The City approved of <br />nameing the nevf improved alleyvfaY between 26th and 27th Street the Homr\311 Lane. <br /> <br />Hayor Reed Holen read the neVi v,Tritten agreement between the, City of Ammon and <br />the Groberg Realty Co. for the development of the Southwick Addition was approved <br />,md signed. <br /> <br />Hayol' Reed Holen stated he had attended a flood control meeting and the City <br />of Ammon vrill be on call to pay their of the expense. Councilman Harold <br />Loveland made a motion the city ear mark funds for flood control in tile 1966 budget <br />and pay their part of the present project. Seconded by Don 1-'iiller, motion ci'rried. <br /> <br />The City 80uncil agreed to pay officer Richard Agel'S expens~s to the magristrate <br />convention at Boise Idaho. <br /> <br />LaVern Vlilliams was informed that City trucks aTe to be used for city businesf3 only <br /> <br />Councilman Harold Loveland made a. motion that, the City trucks be labeled with <br />the city name. 1'1ayor Holen objected-motion was rejected. <br /> <br />The Oity Council agreed to opening the right away on the \vest side of the city <br />building to the property in the back which lrlill necessate covering the ditch-graveling <br />and grading--LaVern Williams was told to get this job done as soon as possible. <br /> <br />City approved of the church black topping holes made by city while installing <br />Hater mains on the south side of church property-Sencl bill to the city. <br /> <br />LaVern \'iilliams asked if he could be paid for his vacation time (WhiCh is in <br />two lrleeks) instead of taking time off. \I/hich was approved. <br /> <br />Councilman George \iehmann \'lould like to suggest trying a new vevised method for <br />our \,rater mailing list. l'lake a map of lots and blocks with house numbers and send <br />vrater billing to house numbers instead of names--was tabled until next meeting. <br /> <br />Councilman George 1-"ehmann wants to buy the city chairs that are not being <br />used. <br /> <br />Oi ty election to be held Novemeer 2, 1965- in the City office and Council room <br />at 2950 E. 26th Street. Arragagements to be made by City Clerh:: Dermont E. Hicks. <br /> <br />Dermont E. Hicks was also authorized to meeting; schedule for Oity Buildirig <br /> <br />Elaine McGlU::y would like to be appointed a.s assistant,Police Judge. 'l'he City <br />Council did not a.pprove of the idea. Suggested the City officers is the judges of <br />the justice court in case of emergency. <br /> <br />Mayor }cIolen ask the City_ Oouncil to make a list of items of business to be <br />discussed al1d present them to the City Clerk a. few days before Council meetil1f~ t.hat <br />the;)T might be organized and be presented in an orderly manner. To help avoid wasting <br />precious time. <br /> <br />Claims were approved and signed. Heetint}. ,C\_j~u~_n_ed _~~~ ~ <br />'N'''~M''''''r, ~__I d Ie'/- ~ 4 /7~ _._ ~ A L \. ~R'.. <br />