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<br />I <br /> <br />t~ <br />c.t; <br />':v: <br />~ <br />- <br /> <br />;:Q <br />c:o <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />1 1 ,"'T <br /> <br />Special City Council Meeting held AU~lst 23, 1965. <br /> <br />Meetinp; cr'lled to order at 8:25 p.m. by Meyor Molen. Those present were; Prayor <br />Reed Molen; Councilmen--HF'rold Loveland; Keith Brown; Georr;c Hehmann; Don I{iller; <br />and Attorney Joe jenderson. Prayer ~jY COlillcilmF:n H2rold Lovelcmd. <br /> <br />Roland T. Hamrell met with City Council to discuss several items of business. <br /> <br />1. To try to come to an 3,,:reement on int erest, insurance, and taxes charged <br />to the City of Ammon for the year 1965. Also to make a settlement on t he leasing of <br />the building to Romre11 during the year 1964-1965. It was 2greed by the City Council <br />e.nd'.:.Roland T. Romrell that City Attorney Joe Anderson and Romrell's attorney get <br />together to solve the problems and bring th" account ue to d8te. <br /> <br />2. Dog pound. Romrell ask that the dog IJOund be moved. <br /> <br />3. Roland T. Romrell conscented to continue on 3S chairmDn of the Dlanning board. <br /> <br />4. Homrell Lane--The fences c::re to be re-o:oved, the road graded UD, ,.lDd the <br />. II <br />ditch placed on the east side in the rlo;ht avmy. <br /> <br />Hr. Romrell 1:rill heve the final orrcmr::cnents c's to the locF'tion of the rOE"::1 by <br />September 13, 1965, the next City Council Neeting. <br /> <br />Assessed valuation and rnil1 levy ~.ras the subject of a lengthy discussion and <br />the finell decision 1':i'S the r,Iill levy would remain the sr'-c.e c:S 1965 1:Ihic:l is 21 J!1.ills. <br /> <br />:Jer::;ont E~ i1ic;-cs 1:125 8sk8d t,) i:=,sue deliouent certific2tefi topro~~ert', ovnlers in <br />ma.p.district til ond 2-to t:lose vrho rre deliouent more them one year. <br /> <br />i <br />CounciL,;:n ':F rold Loveland 8:3;': if the City HClUld be ,.riUin,,: to p,'OrticiY)2te in <br />the bleck tO~T:i,n;~ of the 2110.'/ 'ilt'-;r north of 26th Street to t~'lC ,'cll'louse 2d~ oining <br />the church 2nd Gunninghc:m -or 0 "ert7 . The [mSHCT seemed to be nec[,tive. <br /> <br />Tho City c:DTovcd of tJurchesin7 t~lpin=-; I:l2chine to be used in tr:::Lng vrter lines. <br /> <br />Cleims 1.rcre B~provcd Dnd signed. <br /> <br />\'ectinC' ci ourned ot 11:h5 p.m. <br /> <br />dJ~~~ <br />~ fT''I:.:'- -r->nr <br />,,11' r; L",'tL <br /> <br />A' ":tCV:';D_,_~ /3 - /9~ J <br /> <br />"" <br />