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<br />I <br /> <br />tn <br />c..o <br />C""; <br />- <br />- <br />:0 <br />co <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />11 ~{ <br /> <br />]egul,:11' monthly meetin:,. of <br /> <br />City Council held <br /> <br />10, 19()5 <br /> <br />.1-\ rnrn () n <br /> <br />1'i'~:t "!;T <br />_Cj <br /> <br />Neetinc~ c,'lled to o:::-'der b~T ]'I":;7or lteed Holen at :~: 15 p.m. Those pres(;nt '.'rere-- <br />l'Ic'yor Reed Falco.; Councilmen- H,~rold Loveland; George ''Tehrr:c,nn; 'Jon Eiller; Keith <br />BrOlm. Freyer by Council men HeTOld Lovelc:nd. <br /> <br />Opened bids for street repoirs <3 t 8: 20 p.m. They Here c: s follm'is: <br /> <br />Burp;r3ft and Co. Fatching <br />3eel coatiwJ' <br /> <br />$1,000.00 <br />1~E~37.50 <br />)2,837.50 <br /> <br />l7~cents Del' square YOI'd <br /> <br />Hilrbrell Ex <br /> <br />~~2, 021.95 <br />2,:nO.Oo <br />'?4, 331.95 <br /> <br />Patching <br />3eel C03tinc; <br />Unit ~)rice of 23t <br /> <br />CRrl E. Felson <br /> <br />$2250.00 <br />2,310.00 <br />$4,560.00 <br /> <br />PEter-ling <br />See 1 Codin,,; <br /> <br />Pickett and Nelson <br /> <br />,~l; 1..00 <br />1,E},90.00 <br />in, 891. 00 <br /> <br />Patching <br />Se21 Coating <br /> <br />CouncL1mCln Harold Loveland made a moti on thot the City of Arnrnon accent <br />Pickett and Nelson bid vrhich is el folloHs: $1.00 for patching of streets, end <br />iH,~90.0() for putting <1 seal cOc;t on the stre"ts for a tot2l of~pl,891.()0 to <br />co~plete the job 2S to specifications. <br /> <br />The ~ity reouired a H2ter meter be installed for the neVi coin ooer2ted ce,r <br />wash vThich is being built by A. 1;:. Brunt Co. in the Ec:st Gete ShonDing Center. <br /> <br />It was nlso decided to install a wc:ter neter or raise theclOnthly rates for <br />the Sc;vinr: Center T-Tarket on 17th Street. One of the Councilmen are to contect 1'-1r. <br />Boyd 'Tilde, manager, and discuss this matter with him. <br /> <br />Dermont E. Ricks renorted to the council tha.t Hr. John Groberg indicoted they <br />are, ready to start development on the Southwich addition on 17th Street and was <br />incuiring if the City vIes ready to inst2l1 the w2ter mains east from Avocet to the <br />center of lTidwcy Avenue. <br /> <br />Der'"!1ont E. P.icks He'S asked to "Trite four letters: one to the '~roberg He21itors, <br />one to Horece Smith, one to Dave Benton cmd one to Don Hoopes informinr; them the <br />City i.rill recuire clJrbs 'and gutters on all nevI develQ1X1ent in the future, [;lso <br />all develorers vii 11 '::e required to take the vIater from the nm: ex5stinr; lines at <br />their ovm expense. <br /> <br />Ho12nd T. HOT:lrell reported to the City Council that 2.07 South'dck hDd clr;reed to <br />sell him 10 feet of ground on the e;st side of the alley runninr; bctvreen 26th and <br />27th Street on the 2900 block. Councilmen Hnrold Loveland made a motion that a <br />10 foot curve be allOi'red in the road way on the eost side of Uoland T. Homrell's <br />house shifting the alley 10 feet to the east.' Seconded by Councilman Keith Brovm. <br />motion carr:Led. <br /> <br />LocC'tion of ditch in the road rightoi'fc.y was discussed but no decision mode. <br /> <br />Ordinance 1170 was read by Councilman Harold Lovel,md pertdning to the <br />annexing of Division No. 1 in the Southl.lich addition. Also tbe Horcce Smith property <br />on the Ammon Road. <br /> <br />Councilman Harold Lovelend made a motion thct Ordinance!7() be B,:,proved by the <br />City Council by eccepting the first readins; and \.mvering the second awl third <br />readings. Seconded by Councilman Don Miller. Hotion Carried. <br /> <br />The City Council approved of {Dnying Roland T. Romrell n years payment in advance <br />on the City Building which was purchased from Hr. Romrell. <br /> <br />Claims Here approved and signed. Neeting adjourned at 10:45 p.m. <br /> <br />APFHOVED J~ J 'f- J.,. '" , / !J~ ~ <br />CITY CLERK <br />