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<br />i 07' <br /> <br />Regular Monthly Meeting of the Ammon City Counci I held in <br />the City Office, 2950 E. 26th Street, Ammon, Idaho, February 8, 1965 <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />Meeting cal led to order at 7:45 p.m. by Chairman Harold Loveland. <br />Prayer by Dermont E. Ricks. Those present were Counci Imen HBrold <br />Loveland, George Wehmann, Keith Brown and Don Mi I ler. MayDe Reed <br />Molen was excused to attend a County Flood Control meeting. Attorney <br />Joe Anderson was also excused due to illness. <br /> <br />an <br />C.!; <br />Cf: <br />- <br />- <br /> <br />Elmer Holmgren, Chairman of the School Board of District 93, <br />met with the Counci I to discuss parking of school buses on the' <br />streets. The final decision was that the City would al low parking <br />of school buses on the street in front of the school on Central <br />Avenue during school hours only if they are kept off the street at <br />night and on week ends. Parking signes are to be changed to Bus <br />Parking Only. <br /> <br />:.0 <br />CO <br /> <br />Minutes of the meet i ng he I d January I I, 1965, were read and <br />approved. Dermont Ricks and Harold Loveland reported on Mr. A. W. <br />Brunt and the results of a letter written to him. Dermont Ricks <br />was asked to read the letter. It was found that Mr. Brunt has not <br />compl ied with any of the requirements made by the City. Dermont <br />Ricks is to write him a letter. Mr. Ricks was asked to cal I City <br />Engineer Donald Ellsworth to check installation of water I ines for <br />business houses being constructed by Mr. Brunt. They require a <br />4' water main running North and South east of the Bui Iding with a <br />separate iserv ice line for each busness. A I so, water meter to be <br />installed at the cost of the bui Ider. Mr. Ricks is to aske Mr. <br />Ellsworth to make an inspection of al I the streets in Ammon and <br />make a report to the City Counc i I before Apr i I I, with recommendat ions <br />for street repairs. <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />The City Counc i I I sin favor of a study of the water system in the <br />City of Ammon. They real ize it is necessary for insurance and tax <br />purposes ,;and for future planning, and will do all they can and <br />sti I I stay within the budget. <br /> <br />Annexing Ordinance #67 was read by Counci Iman George Wehmann. <br />Harold Loveland made a motion the City accept the Ordinance including <br />the Smith Property on the first reading, with property owners to be <br />notified thGt the next two readings wi I I be at the next Counti I meeting <br />and if there are no objections wi I I be passed and accepted by the <br />City. Seconded by Counci Iman Don Mi I ler and Motion Carried. Dermont <br />Ricks is to notify property owners by letter. <br /> <br />The City is to order some steel posts with reflectors to be <br />avai lable when needed for traffic precautions. Marshal I Richard Ager <br />was given permission to order a new stop watch for pol ice use, and <br />to investigage trading the old stop watch in on a new one.' <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />Dog problems were discussed. Counci Iman Keith Brown is to con- <br />tact Mr. Kenneth Gerrard at lona in regard to hiring him for the <br />purpose of catching dogs in the City of Ammon. <br /> <br />Dermont Ricks was asked to write letters of appreciation to <br />those who helped during the recent flood threat. (Jeep Patrol, <br />Wi I I is Weichel; Bonnevi I Ie County Commissioners and the City of <br />Idaho Fa I Is. <br /> <br />-- <br />