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<br />'i... O. r;', <br />1J,,' <br /> <br />Regular Monthly Meeting of Ammon City Counci 1 <br /> <br />January I I, 1965 <br /> <br />Meeting cal led to order at 7:50 P.M. by Mayor Reed Molen <br /> <br />Prayer by Counci Iman Keith Brown <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />Those Jresent were Mayor Reed Molen, Counci Imen Harold Loveland, <br />Keith Brown, Don Mi Iler; City Attorney Joe Anderson, City Engineer, <br />Donald Ellsworth, Maintenance Man, LaVern Wi I I iams, and City Clerk, <br />Dermont Ricks. <br /> <br />...."':l <br />c.c <br />C"':. <br />........ <br />- <br /> <br />Don Ellsworth discussed with the City Counci I the City water <br />system. He recommended that 4" water mains be discontinued in the <br />water system because of the friction loss. The 6" mains wi I I carry <br />2i times the water a 4" I ine wi I I. A 4' I ine is not recognized by <br />the rating bureau for fire ~rotection and does not have the ca~acity <br />for sUJJlying fire hydrants. Mayor Molen asked Don Ellsworth to <br />make a study of the City water system and re':)ort .back to the City <br />Counc i I . <br /> <br />;:c <br />0: <br /> <br />Lewis Ross, County Civi I Defense Director, met with the <br />City Counci I r fi I led out a claim and asked for a $250.00 annual <br />donation from the City to the Civi I Defense Jrogram. He also <br />Jresented a ty~ed Mutual Aid Agreement for the City's signiture. <br />Counci Iman Don Mi I ler made a motion the City acce':)t and sign the <br />Mutual Aid Agreement, seconded by Harold Loveland and motion <br />carried. <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />Mr. A. W. Bateman advised the City that he has sold his <br />house and lot on Samuel Street to Dick Weimer. He also stated <br />he would live u':) to his agreement to black too the south half of <br />Samuel Street in the s~ring of 1965 as soon as the weather wil I <br />Jermit. This ~ertains to the South half of-Samuel Street adjacent <br />to his JroJerty. He wi I I mai I a letter to the City verifying th is. <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />Ray Ferguson re~resented A. W. Brunt. He met with the <br />City Counci I to discuss the construction of the new shopping <br />center, which was started without the approval of the Planning <br />Board or the City Counci I and also without ':)urchasing a bui Iding <br />Jermit, which is in fiolation of the City Bui Iding Ordinance. <br />Mr. Ferguson was told that the City ~ tolerated this careless <br />ignoring of the City Ordinances long enough and if they do not <br />comJly in the future the can exoect to be brought into Court and <br />fined. In examining the bui Iding ':)Ians it was found there are <br />11,000 square feet of floor s~ace, figuring at a cost of $10.00 <br />Jer square feet this would estimate the cost of construction at <br />$110,000.00. Mr. Brunt had re~orted a cost of $60,000 to base <br />the cost of the bui Iding ':)ermit and has ~aid $122.00 on a bui Iding <br />Jermit. He wi I I be required to oay another $100.00 before the <br />Jermit is issued, Jlus other requirements as fol lows: That Mr. <br />Brunt be required to fi Ie a olat of dedicated right-of-ways and <br />easements with Im':Jrovement and development drawings of streets, <br />sidewalks, and curbs. That the right-of-way of 17th Street <br />be dedicated to conform to the right-of-way as dedicated in the <br />Hi I Iview Addition east of Sand Creek Bridge. Mr. Brunt wi I I be <br />al lowed ten days to com':Jly or construction on the ':)resent bui Iding <br />wi I I be stoJ':)ed. These ':Jlans wi I I be subject to the aJ~roval of <br />the City Counci I. <br />