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<br />I <br /> <br />l.':l <br />c..c <br />("t" <br />- '"' <br />- <br />"""- <br />0::: <br />co <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />f\ '7 <br />c~ t! <br /> <br />Regular ~onthly Meeting of the Ammon City Council held July 13, 1964 <br /> <br />Meeting called to order by Councilman Harold Loveland at 8:30 P.M. <br /> <br />Prayer by Co~ncl.lman Dick Wheeler'. . <br /> <br />Minutes of mee,ting held ~une 8, 1964 were read and approved. <br /> <br />Those in addendance were Councilman Harold'Loveland, George Wehmann, <br />Keith Brown, Dick Wheeler: Attorney W.' J. Anderson: LaVern Williams <br />and City Clerk Dermont E. Ricks. Mayor Molen was excused because <br />of illness and being confined in ~he L.D.S. Hospital. <br /> <br />Soon after the meeting was calied to order five men stating <br />they were citizens of the City of Ammon entered the office and <br />stated they wanted to enter a complaint against Marshall, Richard Ager <br />for speeding down Eagle Street in the Hillview Addition. Marshall <br />Ager was asked to make a statement as to why the hurry. Marshall <br />Ager stated he had received an emergency call that cattle were <br />running loose on Sunnyside Road and were endangering the lives of <br />motorists there. He also stated he did not exceed'a speed of 45 <br />miles per hour. ' . <br /> <br />The group was informed this is the first complaint against <br />either one of our peace officers during their two years of service <br />and the City has enough conficence in them to uphold them in the <br />performance of their duty. ' <br /> <br />The next matter of business was the replacing of someone to <br />fill 'the unexpired term of Dick Wheeler who has moved out of the <br />City limits and has resigned as City Councilman. After some dis- <br />cussion Don Miller was approved as new City Councilman. <br /> <br />Mayor R~ed Molen was caned at the hospital. He gave his <br />approval, making the choice unanimous. Don Miller was called and he <br />came to the Council meeting and accepted the appointment. <br /> <br />Councilman George Wehmann made a motion the City Council <br />officially appoint Don Miller to fill the unexplred term of Dick <br />Wheeler as Councilman frOm District #2 in the City of Ammon. <br />Motion was seconded by Dick Wheeler, and w~s passed. <br /> <br />Deputy Jack Ellingford reported that a dog belonging to <br />Garrett Rice who resides at 2986 E. 25th Streethad bitten three <br />people in the last five days, and recommended the dog be picked <br />up and destroyed. It was the decision of the Council that the dog <br />was viscious, a menace to the community and something should be done <br />about it immediately~ The Clerk was advised to take the necessary <br />steps to dispose of the dog. ' <br /> <br />Attorney Joe Anderson was asked to revise the dog leash laws <br />and make them more complete, and to compile it in the form of an <br />ordinance. He was aiso asked to pr~pare an ordinance outlawing the <br />,use of fire arms and B.B. guns within the City limits of Ammon. <br /> <br />The City council agreed to purchase a new shirt for Deputy <br />Elllngford to replace the one destroyed when he was attacked by the <br />Garrett Rice dog. <br /> <br />The duties of the Police department were discussed.. In the <br />opinion of the CouncLl they are spending too much time out side the <br />City limits. They were asked to confine their sercie within the <br />city limits of Ammon. Only in case of emergency should they <br />leave the confines of Ammon, and when it is necessary to answer an <br />emergency call from the Bonneville County Sheriff.s Office there <br />should be a written report of it. <br /> <br />Dermont Ricks, Clerk, was asked to write Roland T. Romrell a <br />letter informing him that he ,will be required to pay $200.00 per <br />month rent starting July 1, 1964, and continuing until his equip- <br />ment is moved out of the City Building. <br /> <br />The City approved a street light to be installed in front of <br />the new City Office for better lighting and protection. <br />Meeting adjourned at 11:45 P.M. <br /> <br />/~5j?L <br />