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<br />B6 <br /> <br />Regular Monthly Meeting of the Ammon City Council held June 8, 1964. <br />Held in the City office at 2620 Ammon Road. <br /> <br />Meeting called to order at 8:15 P.M. by Mayor Reed Molen. <br />Prayer byDermo~t E. Ricks. <br /> <br />Those present were Mayor Reed Molen, Councilmen Harold Loveland, <br />Dick Wheeler, Keith "Brown, and Attorney W. Joe Anderson. Councilman <br />George wehmann excused as he is out of town.- <br /> <br />A petition against David O'Donnell was presented to the City I <br />Council by his neighbors requesting he clean up his yaxd and take <br />care of his dogs. Mr. and Mrs. David O'Donnell were brought to <br />the meeting by Deputy Marshall Jack Ellingford. ' Afte-r a ienghty <br />discussion the O'Donnells promised they would try to do better. <br /> <br />LaVern Wiiliams was asked to get the holes in the streets <br />repaired. <br /> <br />Councilman Dick Wheeler said he was not satisified with the <br />job done by the street sweeper and would not sign the claim. <br /> <br />Councilman Keith Brown Eepor'hed"tihat the water tank at the <br />Peterson Park Well needs to be sand plasted and painted. <br /> <br />Councilman Brown also asked for permission to build some <br />dug outs for the soft ball park in Hillview. He was given per- <br />mission to procee? with the project. <br /> <br />LaVern Williams was assigned to water the McCowin Park. <br /> <br />Marshall Dick Ager reported that Mrs. Anna Call was going <br />to submit a claim for damages on her car because of the lack of <br />warning signs on the __north erfd of Western Avenue, which she <br />classified as a dead end street. Attorney Joe Ahderson was <br />asked to send the claim in to the General Insurance Co. or to <br />Tandy and Wood Co., their representative. <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />LaVern Williams was told to shovel the main ditch south of <br />26th Street on the Rowland T. Romrell p~operty, also to gather <br />up the rocks, etc. on the east side of Central Avenue between' <br />25th and 26th streets. <br /> <br />Marshall Dick Ager reported on the ,new speed control-device <br />being sold by Lt. Dunn of the Idaho State Police, and asked for <br />an appointment for a demonstration to tl1e City CounciL -Monday, <br />June 12, 1964, at 7:30 P.M.was the time set for the demonstration. <br />To be held at the City Office. <br /> <br />Traffic signs to be revamped - the ,Council agreed that more <br />"No Parking" signs should be installed in the Hillview Addition <br />and the n? parking law be enforced on t~ose narrow streets. <br /> <br />Rowland T. Romrell and Rex Budge: members of the Planning <br />Board met with the City Council and asked for a set of Construction <br />and Builoing Standards for the City of Ammon, and suggested that <br />construction and building projects be supery~sed and insist that <br />the Standards be enforced. After some discussion Councilman Harold <br />Loveland made a motion the City of Ammon adopt the Land Planning <br />Bulletin, No.3, known as the Neighborhood Standardsj with the same I <br />requirement as adopted by the City of A.ntn\on in-the past. The <br />Motion was passed. <br /> <br />Claims were approved and signed. <br /> <br />Meeting adjourned at 10:50 P.M. <br /> <br />~~~~ <br />City Clerk <br />