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<br />I <br /> <br />L~ <br />c.o <br />Cf: <br />....... <br />-.. <br />co <br />~ <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />~ :.~ <br /> <br />Councilman Harold Loveland also motioned the Bateman Addition to be zoned <br />R If ~. Hearing set May 11- 1964. Regular Council Meeting set. <br />Seconded by Councilman Dick Wheeler. Notice of hearing- to have published1, <br />by ClerkkDermonit Ricka. <br /> <br />Councilman Cleo.' Wehmann inquired' as to why the holes in the road' on 17th. ~, <br />Curlew-, SawtootllD and Dove' can not be repaired'. Mayor Molen informed them, the <br />Council that, 17th Street is still the County responsibility- for repairing- and! <br />ete. The other streets: will be repaired as aoon a a they dry- out~ Councilman' <br />Wehmann stated the Lions Club has accepted a bid for treeS' to be pIa nted in <br />the McCowin Park, and have ordered them at a p~ce- of '600.00. <br /> <br />Clerk Dermont Ricks is to contact. Rueben WaterS and have him dig the necessar:r <br />ditches where ditch water will be available to' keep the treeS' wet after thq <br />are plante d. Also to orde r two steel cuI verta from AmeS' Products Ine. One <br />16" for ditch and one l2W for drain wate r. <br /> <br />Councilman Keith Brown made a motion that, the CitY' us.. Park alocated funds <br />from the Lions Club- to help with developing Me Cowin Park. <br />Seconded by Councilman Harold Loveland. . <br />Councilman Geo. Wehmann stated the Lions Club- Will be responsible to take <br />care of the trees being planted for on e year,' after that time it will be- <br />the Qity resPonsibility-. <br /> <br />Claims were approvecl1. Meeting adjourned at 12:10' P,M. -------- Ma}r lIT 64. <br /> <br />A pproved3: <br /> <br />Dermont E. Rich <br /> <br />Clerk <br /> <br />A SPECIAL Heetling'vaasheld' at 7:30 P.M. on -______ <br /> <br />Apri] 1;', 19'64. <br /> <br />'n1is Me"eting was called for the purpose of hearing a report from the Com- <br />mittee' composing ot Mayor Ree d Molen, Councilmen Harold Loveland and Dick <br />Wheeler,' who were appointe d by the Council to mee t with City Attorn. <br />Joe Anderson, Rol and T. Romrell and his attorney to negotiate- conditions <br />and terms: of a contract., for 8i lease option on the Roland] T'. Romrell buillS- <br />ing on 26thStreeit to be used as a City Office BUilCiing, and for other ptU'I- <br />poses: in general. <br /> <br />The agreement as- reported by the Committee is' the City of" AmmoJ!li will paT <br />Mr. Romrell the amcnmittof $3'00.00 per month th.. first. $2100.00 for nine <br />months which will be paid in advanc. from June 1- 1964. to P'eb. 1- ]965>, <br />and the: balance of' '12',300'.00 will be paid] in annuaI paymenit of' $1600.00 <br />per year, beginning Felh. 1, 1.96:5- until total principle plus 5% intenll>t <br />is paid in full~ <br /> <br />The properl:y.r linea are as' follow~ --_ <br /> <br />West, running: .ortit: and South existing' propebboY.' line. South running' Bari anll, <br />Vest '50' fit South om existingr building, :kat running North and South found- <br />ation of building to roa d rightawayr, tittJ casement, NortIm running West, a>lomg <br />road ri ght away . . <br /> <br />1fuilding to be available June' 1- 1964 <br /> <br />Those present were Mayor Reed Molelll Councilmen Prarold Loveland, Geo.!t <br />Keith BrOWftl., Dick Wheeler, and Roland 1'. Romrell and Dermonit E. Ricks, Clerk. <br /> <br />Approved'May 11, 1964c by- <br /> <br />D.E. Ricks <br />Clerk <br />