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<br />n~ <br />~ .1<- <br /> <br />L~ <br />c.o <br />l~ <br />...... <br />....... <br />.x: <br />CO <br /> <br />A ~IAL Meeting' of the City Council was called Mareb IS, 1964 <br />to discuss; with 1Ir. Dan HOopes the problelIlBffihe has- created by not <br />furnishing. a plot for the' north portion of the Vern Peterson Pro- <br />perty, along- Brookfield Lane. <br />He claimed he was not informed as to the construction standards for <br />the graveled roa d alang- Brookfield Lane, <br />Ire said he did not promise a 25 ft rightaway for a road along the' ea~ <br />boundry of the Peterson property, running north and south. Ffe> said he <br />did not understand the City required a plot of the property, but he did- <br />furnish a map with a legal description of the property. <br />Mayor Molend.Dformed Mr. Jroopes the City will issue a building front <br />for a house to be built on the property recently sold to Harvey Crandall, <br />he also informed Mr. F!bopes that in the future he will be expected to <br />comply- with the deve10pnent and construction standards of the City of <br />Ammon, and he will also be expected to do what ever was necessary to pur- <br />chase; the 25 ft road rightaway he promised along the east boundry of the <br />Vern Peterson property. <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />Mr. HQopes did not man any cormnittments. <br /> <br />.Roland Homrell the City Council to talk with them about purchas- <br />ing his propertY' on 26th st. to be used' for a City BUilding. He was told' <br />the City was interested in it if'it could be financed. <br /> <br />A building permit for Mr. E.W. m&teman to move a house into the City of <br />AmmOIt', was. considered and approvecL Clerk Dermont Rickll was .asked to call <br />Attorney Joe Anderson, and have him proceed with the annexing of the:' <br />Bateman propert;r into the City of Ammon. <br /> <br />Meeting adgourned at 9140 P.M. <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />Minutes recorded by--Dermont E.Ricks. <br />City Clerk <br /> <br />I <br />