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<br />80 <br />'. .. j' <br /> <br />SPECIAL City: Council Meeting was he1di at Roland Romre11 f s Shop Bldg. <br />Msrcllm 30, 1964- <br /> <br />BTought:, to order at '71:45 P.M. <br /> <br />Purpose of Meeting:-: <br /> <br />1- '10 discusS' pro f s; and con ta of the possible acquisition of th~ Ronmel1 <br />bui1dMe:_ It -City: lJiuilding. <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />II- 10 discusS' the possible acquisition of a garbage truck for use in'the <br />city to permit betteBTand more efficient 'garbagecollectiori. ' <br /> <br />III- As: a means of prodUcing the necessary revenue to handle items: I and II, <br />an increase in the water' and garbage feft' of' $1.00 per month! will be pro_ <br />posed' at a public meeting' coming4j13!64. <br /> <br />............ <br /> <br />,-" <br />c.o <br />Ct: <br />- <br />-.. <br />:c <br />Q:l <br /> <br />Item 1- <br />The terms of the building as offered are as follows: <br />$3000.00 down payment-- $232>.00 pe r month't for 5yrs-. (~ <br />BUilding size...- 60.8 ft, X lea ft. <br />Land size-- 'r.3' .171 ft X ]60 ft.. <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />The down payment will be paid from the general fUnd' and the ihcreased <br />water and garbage fee will be partiall$ used: to make- pa:vments. <br />Th. proposal of the building leaves at least two points for negotia- <br />tion. . <br />1- The city needs an additional 20 ft. on the sout~ end for aceess. <br />z- The payments for at least the first year should be held! to' $200.00 <br />per montllD. Then more' is necessa17 to cratch up with an option for <br />pay-off prior to the 5 yrs. - <br />3'- The roadwaT along the westt side is not, wide enoug1JlJ and more S1p&ce <br />(/.4.. to 6. ft.) shouldl be' negotiated' for witlr Mrs-. Blatter. <br />4,- BUilding' occupancyr should not be critic-a1(to the citY') but immedi- <br />ate use' of certain parts S'h'ould 'O-e available; for remodeling or storage. <br /> <br />Item II- <br />A garbage truck (presently owened by' Shelle:r) will be available about <br />Jun.. 1st. (Blida will be opene d April 13th) The truck is ecpected to cost <br />$2200.00 and is sufficient, in sin to hand1eo Ammon garbage very nicelyr. <br />If/'.. purchase of this truck is approve4, it would be- don.. on a monthlyr <br />purchase' arrangement, with funds to come from'the proposed' utilities in- <br />crease. <br /> <br />Item TII- <br />A public meeting is proposed to be held 4/rJ/64- in the City Mdg to <br />prelrent the proposals of' iteu: J: and II. - , <br /> <br />OTHER BUSINESS: <br /> <br />Lovelandl "Water main near' Armstrong's corner' needS' to be repaired as soon <br />as- possible. <br />WheeleM 'l"unr off' heaters in pump h8aBes. <br /> <br />B'rown : <br /> <br />Street accesS' north of' FRI.11 view Behoo1s' needs to bEl graveled as <br />soon as" possible. Meanwhile the one-way street sighs should be <br />ei ther covered 'or not enforced~ - <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />Adjourned at '=35 P.M. <br /> <br />Minutes recorded by; Dermont: E. Ricks, <br />City Clerk <br />