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<br />"'!I! <br /> <br />July), 1985 <br /> <br />298 CITY OF AMMON <br />July), 1985 <br /> <br />Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Mayor and City Council: <br /> <br />The meeting was called to order at 7:)0 P.M. by Mayor Russell N. Swensen with the <br />following City Officials present: <br />Mayor Russell N. Swensen <br />Councilman Robert D. Williamson <br />Councilman Merle J. Quigley <br />Councilman Thayle D. Monson <br />Absent: Councilwoman Carol A. Dille <br /> <br />Deputy City Clerk Aleen C. Jensen <br />Public Works Director Hayse L. Whiteley <br />Engineer David E. Benton <br /> <br />The pledge of allegiance to the flag was directed by Mayor Swensen and the invocation <br />was given by Councilman Williamson. The minutes of the meetings on March 21 and I <br />April 4, 1985, were approved as prepared with a motion by Councilman Quigley seconded <br />by Councilman Monson and voting all in favor. <br /> <br />An application for a license for the public display of fireworks filed by Merle J. <br />Quigley of 2905 Western Avenue was considered, and Councilman Quigley explained the <br />plans of his family to follow the customs of China in their Christmas celebration this <br />year, including fireworks on Christmas Eve, and his need to get the license now in <br />order to purchase the fireworks. Councilman Monson moved to approve the license for <br />public display of fireworks for Merle Quigley at 2905 Western Avenue on December 24, <br />1985, subject to his furnishing the names and addresses of the wholesaler and dis- <br />tributor as required on the application and obtaining the approval of his neighbors <br />within 150 feet. The motion was seconded by Councilman Williamson; voting was Monson <br />yes, Williamson yes, Quigley abstain, Mayor Swensen yes; motion carried. <br /> <br />Councilman Williamson reported that the fire truck, which the City Council acted upon <br />for purchase at the June 6 meeting, developed mechanical problems while enroute for <br />delivery, so a different truck which is three years newer was bought and is now in the <br />City's possession. It was moved by Councilman Quigley and seconded by Councilman Monson <br />that the original motion be amended to read "1969 International Harvester" instead of <br />"1966 GMC" fire truck; voting was all in favor; motion carried. According to Council- <br />man Williamson, the terms of purchase included a )O-day guarantee, re-upholstering of <br />seats, sanding off of emblems, and repainting of the doors. <br /> <br />Reports by City Council members included matters concerning a change of management for <br />the swimming pool, progesss on the bleachers which are being built for the ball <br />diamonds, ideas for a logo for the City, a letter to the Idaho Falls Mayor regarding I <br />the possibility of an agreement on fire protection backup, and a request for informa- <br />tion from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission about reinstating or filing another <br />permit application for hydro-electric development at Ririe Dam. <br /> <br />Engineer Benton mentioned that figures are being worked up to see if there would be any <br />savings from changing the pump at Well No.7 and calculating the cost for overlay repairs <br />on Molen Street between Romrell Lane and Central Avenue. <br /> <br />The Public Works Director expressed concern about the amount of water that is being used <br />during the hot weather and the high cost of power for pumping the water. He suggested <br />that consideration be given to installing meters and putting a small pump at Well No.4 <br />so that water from that well can be used for sprinkling Peterson Park to relieve the <br />low-pressure problem in that area. <br /> <br />As an update on the McQuillen building permit appeal, Mayor Swensen reported that the <br />court order was signed on June 5 but was not entered until June 10. <br /> <br />Claims to pay were approved in the amount of $8,795.59, and disbursements for payroll <br />and related expenses since the previous meeting totaling $1),678.61 were also approved. <br /> <br />A motion to adjourn was made by Councilman Williamson and seconded by Councilman Monson; <br />voting was all in favor; the meeting was adjourned. <br /> <br />ATrEST, ~ ~n ~ <br />CITY CLERK <br />Minutes recorded by Deputy Clty erk Aleen C. Jensen <br /> <br /> <br />II. <br /> <br />I <br />