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<br />I <br /> <br />~ <br />(D <br />I"- <br />o <br /><( <br /><t <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />April 18, 1985 <br /> <br />CITY OF AMMON <br />April 18, 1985 <br /> <br />2!i1 <br /> <br />Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Mayor and City Council: <br /> <br />The meeting was called to order at 7:30 P.M. by Mayor Russell N. Swensen with the <br />following City Officials present: <br />Mayor Russell N. Swensen <br />Councilman Thayle D. Monson <br />Councilwoman Carol A. Dille <br />Councilman Merle J. Quigley <br />Councilman Robert D. Williamson <br /> <br />City Clerk Deon Hemingway <br />Engineer David E. Benton <br /> <br />Others present during the meeting were Bonneville County Commissioner Clifford Long, <br />Bonneville County Sheriff Dick Ackerman and Peggy Ackerman, Horace and Theone Smith of <br />2150 Ammon Road, Steven andSharel Judy of 2330 AmmonRoad, Lee Dille of 3095 Central Ave., <br />Brad Hall bf 1895 Cabellaro Drive, and students Tracy Nielsen and Natillie Purcell. <br /> <br />The pledge of allegiance to the flag was directed by Councilman Monson and the invocation <br />was given by Councilman Williamson. <br /> <br />Mayor Swensen reported that a court decision on the McQuillen loghouse appeal has not <br />been made yet, and that the City Attorney has heard nothing from the insurance agent <br />about the claims that were filed for legal expenses in connection with this matter. <br /> <br />Councilwoman Dille explained that Commissioner Long and Sheriff Ackerman had been invited <br />to come to the meeting so that the effectiveness of the City's law enforcement agreement <br />with the County could be discussed, inasmuch as consideration is being given to changing <br />to a town marshall concept for a police department. Sheriff Ackerman mentioned that he <br />is aware of the City Council's concern about getting as much law enforcement as the City <br />is paying for under the contract. He pointed out that the records show some months when <br />the deputies spend forty to sixty percent of their patrol time in Ammon and, in addition, <br />there are responses to complaints about family problems, investigations on theft reports, <br />and other things that are not seen as much as traffic control. He commented further that <br />the Sheriff's Department is under-manned, and Commissioner Long noted that, because of <br />budget problems, two officers would have to be told they have no jobs if the Ammon con~ <br />tract is terminated. Councilwoman Dille indicated that she feels that the failure of the <br />County officers to enforce local ordinances, such as the parking regulations, is a real <br />problem, and Councilman Quigley expressed the opinion that having a local officer who <br />knows the young people would be more effective for taking care of problems at the schools. <br />In answer to a question which was asked about what the additional cost would be under the <br />contract to have an officer in Ammon Monday through Friday, Sheriff Ackerman stated that <br />he did not know but he would find out. Two of the citizens who were present (Theone Smith <br />and Sharel Judy) related experiences of having quicker response and more results from the <br />County deputies than from the previous City police department personnel. It was agreed <br />that the meeting with Commissioner Long and Sheriff Ackerman had been very informative, <br />and a suggestion was made that such meetings be held at least semi-annually in the future <br />as long as the law enforcement agreement is in effect. Commissioner Long asked for feed- <br />back on the information discussed no later than six weeks. The Sheriff said that the <br />monthly reports would be more complete in the future and that he wanted to give the City <br />the law enforcement it is entitled to. <br /> <br />According to Councilman Quigley, a pool manager and a swimming lesson supervisor have <br />been hired for the coming season, and work will be going ahead on new siding for the <br />McCowin Park shelter. He reported that the State Parks Department has given notice that <br />an application filed for grant funds for improvements in the parks was not rated high <br />enough for funding this year, but it will be considered another year if more money is <br />made available. As a matter of interest, Councilman Quigley presented information from <br />a school community survey which indicated that most of the parents of the students in <br />the Ammon schools have educational training beyond the high school years. <br /> <br />Councilman Williamson noted that he has made some calculations which show that the charge <br />for sewer service should be increased, but further study is needed before a recommendation <br />is made. Information about several used fire trucks which are available from a fire <br />apparatus company in Arkansas was reviewed by Councilman Williamson, and it was moved by <br />Councilman Quigley and seconded by Councilwoman Dille that the City advertise for bids <br />for the purchase of a used fire truck; voting was all in favor; motion carried. <br /> <br />In connection with the problem of not having anyone to do animal control work at this <br />time, as mentioned by Councilwoman Dille, a motion was made by Councilman Williamson <br />that applications be taken to fill the position of part-time animal control officer; the <br />motion was seconded by Councilman Monson; voting was all in favor; motion carried. <br /> <br />With reference to an agreement which has been prepared regarding arrangements for <br />Mountain Bell (Mountain States Telephone and Telegraph Company) to construct a cable <br />booster station on a corner of the property owned by the City at Well #7, Engineer Benton <br />presented a letter from the City Attorney explaining the procedure for the City Council <br />to follow to complete the action on this subject. In accordance with Attorney Anderson's <br />instructions, Councilman Quigley moved to amend the motion made on October 18, 1984, to <br />delete the works "to sell" and insert the words "to grant an easement for" and to add <br />the finding that "the property would not be needed by the City and that the proposed <br />improvements to be placed upon the easement would not interfere with any of the City's <br />